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You are currently viewing a free trial version of Navigator with access to a very limited set of countries - Brazil, Philippines, European Union, and the Czech Republic - compared to the 50+ countries available with email update services in Navigator. Read more about Navigator on the Product Supply Chain Intelligence website and request a demo to learn more!



North America

Canada  •  United States  •  Mexico

South America

Argentina  •  Brazil  •  Chile  •  Colombia

Europe and Eurasia

European Union
Austria  •  Belgium  •  Bulgaria  •  Czech Republic
Denmark  •  Finland  •  France  •  Germany
Greece  •  Hungary  •  Ireland  •  Italy
Netherlands  •  Poland  •  Portugal  •  Romania
Slovakia  •  Spain  •  Sweden  •  United Kingdom

Norway  •  Switzerland  •  Turkey

Kazakhstan  •  Russia

Middle East and Africa

Israel  •  Saudi Arabia  •  United Arab Emirates
Egypt •  Nigeria  •  South Africa


China  •  Hong Kong  •  India  •  Indonesia
Japan  •  Korea  •  Macau  •  Malaysia
Philippines  •  Singapore  •  Taiwan
Thailand  •  Vietnam


Australia  •  New Zealand

Q1 2019

Navigator | SDS + Label, Restrictions and Bans, Transport

The 14th ATP is expected to be adopted during the first quarter of 2019, implementing changes to Annexes I, II and VI.

REACH Annex XVII was amended.

ADR 2019, based on the 20th Revision of the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, is now in effect.




July 22, 2019: Phthalate restrictions under EU RoHS take effect, except for medical devices.

December 1, 2019: Label changes introduced by the 11th ATP apply in the EU.

2019: GHS compliance becomes mandatory for mixtures in the Philippines.